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Monster Jam Trucks Tickets

Every kind of sports has its own rules, hurdles and challenges that make it thrilling for the audience.   One such sport is motorsport and the event which features live motorsport is called Monster Jam Trucks.  Feld Entertainment broadcasts not only this motorsport event live but also a television show.  The fun part in this sport is that you will view monster trucks competing with each other in a freestyle racing.  Monster Jam Trucks racing events are scheduled year round, moreover in earlier days these events were restricted to the boundaries of just the United States and Canada but now as a result of International tour expansions, many other countries are also organizing Monster Jam events.

Monster Jam Trucks racing has the most loyal fan base, in comparison to any other sport.  The reason behind this fact is that in Monster Jam truck racing every fan that attends a Monster Jam event gets the opportunity to meet in person with his or her favorite star.  This opportunity is provided through the only one of its kind party “Pit Party” in which during autograph sessions fans can have a face to face chit chat with their stars.  The stars in this regard are responsible to stay at the party until the last autograph is signed and not a single fan is left behind unsatisfied.

In traditional Monster Jam races, two types of competition are organized:  side by side and freestyle.  In smaller competitions, however, wheelie competition is also organized in order to give audience a little more entertainment.  Wheelie competition is a little more dangerous than other events in this competition.  In this competition, after hitting the ramp; drivers have to position their giant trucks perpendicular with the ground.  The more time it stays in the air in a perpendicular motion the more are the chances for that driver to win the competition. Side by side is more like a traditional racing competition whereby that truck which crosses the finish line before other trucks while earning the least penalty is declared the winner.

The competition of freestyle gives the driver limited time to show as many stunts and skills of his driving as he possibly can.  In freestyle competition, you are very likely to see monster trucks flying wildly over the tops of cars.  In every conventional Monster Jam Trucks race, two winners from each competition are chosen and awarded.  The Monster Jam tour generally begins in the winter months and it visits every major city of the United States, Canada and other large countries worldwide.

If you have been following the Monster Jam Trucks circuit then you can recall that Tom Meents won three consecutive racing championships from the years 2000 to 2002.  In 2004, Dennis Anderson could finally earn a racing championship but couldn’t sustain it because he lost in the very next year to Madusa in 2005.  In 2006, however, Anderson snatched this racing championship title once again but this time again he couldn’t sustain it and lost it to John Seasock.  John Seasock remained racing champion for next two years to come but eventually Tom Meents again fought back for  yet another championship title and took it away from Seasock.

Before the freestyle championship of 2001 could start, Dennis Anderson had already earned a perfect score of 40 which nobody else could ever score again. In 2001 Tom Meents ended up as a freestyle champion for the next two years i.e. 2001 and 2002.

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