Sep 012011

Los Angeles Angels Tickets

A professional baseball team based in Anaheim, California is known as Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are currently registered as the member of the Western Division of AL. The part of the name, angels, has been taken from the name of the city Los Angeles which means City of Angels. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim was formed back in 1961, primarily as an expansion franchise. Wrigley Field was the first stadium where the club played its inaugural season. Point to be noted here is that this Wrigley Field is different from one situated in Chicago. But Wrigley Field didn’t remain the point of play for the team for more than a year as soon, in 1962, team was moved to recently built Dodger Stadium.

The first thirty-six years of club’s history show the name of the same one person as an owner. This person, Gene Autry, was an entertainer by profession. During the ownership tenure of Gene Autry, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim never were able to win a pennant. Nonetheless, the team was considered one of the most competitive baseball teams and usually taken as strong contenders. In the past, team has taken on several names like California Angels etc. But when in 1965, team was moved to another newly constructed stadium, Anaheim stadium, the word Anaheim became the permanent part of the team since then. This is the stadium which was extensively renovated in 1997 when The Walt Disney Company took over the management and ownership of the baseball team. Afterwards, this stadium was renamed as Edison International Field of Anaheim. Ownership of Disney Company was successful in earning for the team its first pennant and World Championship back in 2002.

Certain traditions are performed as a ritual before the start of every match of the team. First of the list to mention is the song, Calling All Angels, which is played on the P.A whenever the game has to begin. Moreover, for fans of Los Angeles of Anaheim, California Spectacular is also present to emulate the affect of Desert Mountain in California.

As it has been mentioned before, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is considered one of the most competent professional baseball teams. This competence has, however, resulted in several rivalries within and outside the division. Fans of the team who procure Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim tickets to watch the game live are so dedicated to the team that they openly dislike the rivalry teams. Such names which are considered the top rivals of the team include New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Seattle Mariners, Oakland Athletics and Angeles Dodgers.

Another thing worth mentioning about games of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is the Rally Monkey. This monkey is considered a mascot or a good luck charm for the team. For that reason, whenever the team is losing a game or there is a tie in the 7th inning, The Rally monkey is brought in as a good luck charm. Whenever the Rally Monkey appears on the scene, Audience cheers out even louder so as to give even greater support to their team.

The example that is often quoted to prop up the concept of Rally monkey is the event of 2002 World Series whereby Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim were facing San Francisco Giants. Till The 6th game, Team was in pretty bad shape so much so that the chances of elimination of the team were considered on cards. Then Rally monkey turned the game upside down as Angels won not only the game but also the championship in the 7th game. Theme of Rally Monkey, thus, earned even greater popularity.