Nov 112013

When it comes to former child stars trying to show the world that they aren’t the same person they were as a kid, Miley Cyrus has taken things to the next level. We have already seen her grind on Robin Thicke, twerk on anything, stick her tongue out whenever a camera is around, cut her hair, hump a wrecking ball, dance with giant bears and now, smoke a joint on stage.

Last week, Cyrus was performing at the MTV Europe Music Awards and while performing, pulled a joint out of her purse, lit it up a took a hit. As time has gone on, marijuana use has lost its bad reputation and things are a bit lax in Europe compared to the United States, but at what point do Cyrus’ antics go overboard and require a bit more?

We have seen this in the past before with Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan, so Cyrus has a blueprint to follow. If she follows the blueprint set forth by Spears, she will go through this faze and find a way to turn her career around and get a second chance at stardom. If she follows the path of Lohan, things will become difficult for her and who knows where it will take her.

The biggest difference between Cyrus, Spears and Lohan is the amount of talent Cyrus has. When it comes to her singing voice, few artists can compare to what she can do. At this stage in her career, she can continue to gain notoriety and exposure for her crazy antics, but as she gets older, it will become more difficult for her to break out of her current mold. The longer she waits, the likelier that she will fall in line to the path of Lohan, or worse.

Cyrus has recently announced her 2014 Bangerz tour, reserve tickets early: