Nov 092012

Quidam Tickets Broomfield are now available!

Quidam comes from the geniuses at Cirque du Soleil and the amazing show premiered in 1996. Originally it was a big top show, however, it was changed over into an arena show during 2010.

Quidam is in the imagination of Zoe whose parents don’t care much about her and she ends up dreaming the playful world of Quidam in order to get away from the hardships in her life.

The title is in reference to a character in the production who doesn’t have a head and carries an umbrella and a unique hat. Quidam has been referred to as being the embodiement of both everyone and no one at the same time. (Wikipedia)

This phenomenal production is currently being shown at the First Bank Center in suburban Denver, Colorado. Add code SAVE for special savings on any Quidam tickets. Hurry – show only goes through Sunday, November 11th.

Quidam Tickets First Bank Center are now available!