Nov 162012

Taylor Swift Tickets Los Angeles

Next year, during one of the hottest months in Los Angeles, Taylor Swift will be visiting the Staples Center to perform live in front of the biggest crowd expected to be present. Swift’s concert tour to promote her “Red” album is scheduled August 19 and 20 of next year and right now, tickets are already pre-selling for the said big event.

Regular selling of tickets will be available starting November 16, 2012, or this coming Friday and it is expected that all tickets for the said concert will run out after a couple of days. Taylor Swift will be performing live not only in Los Angeles but also in 45 other states and 29 cities including three provinces in the United States.

As of late, there is still no confirmation on whether or not Taylor Swift will also be promoting her latest album in other countries around the world but this will most likely happen since this has always been a usual trend among all famous singers and music artists and not only Taylor Swift.

After Swift’s breakup with Connor Kennedy, she is focusing and giving her all out performances for this said ‘Red’ concert tour that right now she is practicing as much as she can to surprise her fans with unique and totally different performances next year. If you wish to witness Taylor Swift perform live, make sure to order your tickets this coming November 16 or until seats last.

Taylor Swift Tickets Staples Center

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