Nov 122012

Taylor Swift Tickets Toronto – 6/15/13

When Taylor Swift confirmed that she will also be visiting Toronto to promote her latest album entitled “Red” all of her fans in Ontario went gaga at the thought of experiencing a wonderful concert by their idol live. Her concert is set for next year on June 15th so all of her fans should watch out for it and reserve their seats fast. Although this is not the first time that Taylor Swift will be having a concert here, all of her fans are expecting something new and different. To date, this is said to be Swift’s biggest concert tour yet.

Another detail to be excited about for Swift’s tour is her collaboration with new heartthrob, Ed Sheeran. Since this is the first time that they will be performing on a live concert stage together, both artists can’t help but feel excited about their gig. According to Sheeran, this is his biggest appearance to date and considering that this concert is with Taylor Swift, he considers himself truly lucky for the opportunity.

Taylor Swift on the other hand has also been all smiles at the thought of collaborating with a singer, songwriter and producer just like herself because she believes in honing new talents and collaborating with somebody different from time to time. Next year’s concert will be about new beginnings for Taylor Swift and everyone is just excited for it.

Tickets for the “Red Concert Tour” will begin to go on sale this November 16th. Reserve your tickets now!

Taylor Swift Tickets Rogers Centre – Saturday, June 15, 2013

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