Nov 112012

Taylor Swift Tickets Arlington/Dallas TX – Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just recently, it was confirmed that Taylor Swift will be conquering Dallas as part of her 2013 USA tour. This concert is aimed at promoting her latest album called ‘Red’. Likely, all songs in the said album will be featured in the concert and as early as now, Taylor Swift is preparing really well to live up to her fan’s expectations.

According to reports, this concert of Taylor Swift will have many first’s. This is the first time that Taylor Swift will be collaborating with Edward Sheeran, a young singer and producer. This is also the first time that Taylor Swift is coming out of the shadows for her newest album. Also, this is the first time that Swift will be on tour after her most recent break-up with ex-boyfriend Connor Kennedy.

Taylor Swift’s concert in Dallas is scheduled this coming May 2013. Rumor has it, other than the performance of Ed Sheeran, other artists are also set to appear on the concert stage as a surprise to the 22-year old singer and songwriter.

Tickets for the Red Tour concert will start its sale this coming November 16 and should go on until all tickets for various states in the US are sold out. Chances are this wouldn’t take very long because all of Taylor Swift fans will most likely unite in this occasion especially since the singer needs more support now than ever after another high-profile break up. Don’t forget to watch Swift in concert live in Dallas!

Taylor Swift Tickets Dallas Cowboys Stadium – Saturday, May 25, 2013

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