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The Rolling Stones Tickets Newark  Thursday, December 13th  and Saturday, December 15, 2012

The legendary Rolling Stones are coming to Newark, NJ and performing at the Prudential Center on Thursday, Dec. 13th and Saturday, Dec. 15th.  This long awaited concert announcement coincides with the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary celebration.

The 60’s were an era of big changes in the music industry since young musicians were given the chance to express themselves in terms of their own music and the Rolling Stones were one of these bands under the leadership of Mic Jagger. This band started in their teenage years creating music to stir the minds of the younger generation due to their desire to have a voice be heard.

The original members of the band are Brian Jones  who played the guitar and harmonica, Ian Stewart who played the piano, Keith Richards who played the guitar and do the vocals, Bill Wyman was their bass player, Charlie Watts as the drummer and Mic Jagger as the frontman of the band.

Because of the recordings of the band and eventually became successful on top of the charts, the Rolling Stones magazine listed them as 4th of the 100 Greatest Band of All Time having an album sale of 200 million around the world.

This band started their journey to success in Europe and  reached North America during the so-called British Invasion which took place in the mid 60’s. Generations passed and the band kept on recording, performing and touring around the world promoting their records.

Since this is their 50th year anniversary, there are lots of exhibits around the world portraying the images of the history the band. Aside from their come back and reunion performances, they are also bound to reach out to their fans around the world through their performances and merchandise.

The band has also had many videos produced which were sold worldwide depicting their combination of different mixes of music genre, making their music unpredictable and more exciting to listen to. Their albums are featured in some music stores around the world with freebies.

This band’s energy is still present even though generations passed since their start. Their bad boy image is still evident on their performances despite the changes in their physical appearance making them one of the best selling artists in history.

The Rolling Stones is celebrating its 50 years in the music industry along with the glimpses of their memories. Their fans around the world are flooding the social networking sites’ pages everywhere  the name of the band is registered as a group or fan page.

The Rolling Stones Tickets Prudential Center 

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