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Cheap Radiohead Concert Tickets

Are you fond of electronic and alternative rock music? Then you will surely a fan of Radiohead as they have a quite unusual and captivating sound. Their soundtracks are based on experimental and alternative rock music genre and it differs a lot from other rock bands of the industry.  They are an English music band which was established back in 1985 and based in Abingdon which is a town of Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom.  Current members including in the band are:

• Thom Yorke (lead singer, guitarist, keyboardist, pianist)
• Colin Greenwood (bassist, keyboardist)
• Jonny Greenwood (guitarist, keyboardist)
• Ed O’Brien (guitarist, backing vocalist)
• Phil Selway (drummer, percussionist)

Recently, Clive Deamer has been inducted in the band as an additional live member. His expertise is in drums plus percussion instruments and is quite a worthy addition in Radiohead. After about seven years of their formation, they launched a track titled “Creep”  as a debut number in 1992.  After a year in 1993, they launched ‘Pablo Honey’ in market as an opening album of their musical career.  However, their second released album was a real success since their formation in 1985.  This album titled as ‘The Bends’ was made public in 1995 and has brought a good deal of popularity for Radiohead.

The musical style of the band is quite divergent of the usual mode and this quality has made them unique among their counterparts. They have added outstanding and magnificent songs to the music industry.   Uniqueness in their soundtracks and amalgamation of alternative plus experimental music genres with electronics has added greatly to their popularity among music lovers.  For this reason, their fan base is growing day by day.  Their fans are not based in their homeland but people across the globe love to listen to their enchanting music tracks.  All through their musical career, Radiohead has launched the following 8 studio albums:

1. Pablo Honey (1993)
2. The Bends (1995)
3. OK Computer (1997)
4. Kid A (2000)
5. Amnesiac (2001)
6. Hail to the Thief (2003)
7. In Rainbows (2007)
8. The King of Limbs (2011)

In addition, they have released two compilation albums titled Radiohead Box Set and Radiohead: The Best Of in 2007 and 2008 respectively.  Since 1992 to 2004, they have launched seven extended plays.  Moreover, 24 single soundtracks, 7 video albums and 30 music videos are also on their record.  “OK Computer”  is one of their highly praised albums of the 90’s and acclaimed as a landmark production of the decade.  Each of their albums released is unique in musical style and this approach in song making has brought a great deal of popularity  their way.  They have very good rankings on different musical charts and they’re equally admired by public and critics as well.  Radiohead has number of nominations and winnings to their credit.  They have successfully won about 13 awards in total which are listed below.

➢ Grammy Awards:

• Best Alternative Music Performance for ‘O.K. Computer’ (1998)
• Best Alternative Music Performance for ‘Kid A’ (2001)
• Best Alternative Music Album for ‘In Rainbows’ (2009)

➢ Ivor Novello Awards:

• Ivor Novello Album Award for ‘In Rainbows’ (2008)

➢ Meteor Ireland Music Awards:

• Best International Band (2008)

➢ PLUG Independent Music Awards:

• Artist of the Year (2008)
• Album of the Year; In Rainbows (2008)

➢ Q Awards:

• Best Act In The World Today(2001)
• Best Act in the World Today (2002)
• Best Act in the World Today (2003)

➢ NME Awards:

• Best Video for ‘There There’ (2004)
• Best Album for ‘Hail to the Thief’ (2004)
• Best Band Blog (2010)
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