Nov 102011

2011 Prince Tickets

Prince has announced many dates for Canada towards the later end of 2011. Some of the cities he’ll be visiting include Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Kanata, London, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria.

Prince Rogers Nelson opened his eyes in a music oriented environment as both his parents were associated with music in one way or the other. His father was a pianist and a professional song writer where as his mother was jazz singer even after Prince’s birth. When Prince’s father was asked that why he named prince after his stage name Prince Rogers he replied that he wanted his son to achieve everything which he himself fancied about in life. Prince Rogers and his younger sister’s keen interest for music was the result of their father’s encouragement who wanted both of them to become great singers one day. Separation of Prince’s parents, when he was just 10 years old, had deep impact on his life. Moreover he used to shift homes like a shuttlecock and that’s because he was supposed to spend his time with his father and step father alike. Eventually, he got settled with his neighbor Anderson who later got famous as Andre Cymone.

Prince Rogers, Anderson and Prince’s cousin, Charles Smith, joined hands to form a bank: Grand Central. This band was formed when all three of them were studying in High School. With Prince Rogers as lead vocalist, Grand Central performed fabulously in clubs and parties to get a start. Afterwards two changes were made as band name was changed to Champagne and Morris Day replaced Smith as a drummer. Champagne focused on playing original music after being inspired by a list of classical singers.

In 1976, Prince decided to try his luck by producing a demo tape with Chris moon who was the producer of that demo. Unfortunately, this demo contract couldn’t make any recording studio interested so Moon contacted a businessman of Minneapolis, Owen Husney, who after listening to demo tape signed a contract with Prince. That contract proved to be fortunate for Prince as Husney not only helped Prince record his first demo recording but also promoted this recording. As a result several notable recording companies showed their interest in signing Prince. Some of these companies include: Warner Bros. Records, A& M Records, and Columbia Records etc. Though all of these companies had a promising future to offer, Prince and Husney decided to opt for Warner Bros. Records which not only gave Prince complete publishing rights but also handed over creative control to provide him complete freedom in his work.  After working for some time with Warner Bros. Records, Prince and Husney left Minneapolis for bigger city California so that work on Prince’s first solo album, For you, could initiated. This album was recorded at Record Plant Studio which helped the release of Album in 1978.

Prince worked really hard on his first album as all of the songs were written and composed by Prince Rogers except one song which was co-written by Moon. It was reported that all of 27 instruments that have been used in Prince’s first album have been played by Prince himself. This dedication was sure to bring success for Rogers as his album reached number 12 on several hot songs charts. Just after a year later, Prince released a self-titled album, Prince, which within week’s time reached number four position of top albums charts and earned platinum certificate. The two hits from this album ensured the sale of one million copies of the album and these songs, “Why you wana treat me so bad?” and “I wana be your lover”, reached top positions on the Hot singles chart. Prince performance of these songs was liked very much by his fan and worldwide listeners. This album opened a new horizon for Prince.





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