Oct 212011
Paul Simon

Paul Simon is coming to the new UCF Arena in Orlando, FL on Sunday, December 4th.

Paul Simon Tickets Orlando, FL

Have you been to any events at the new UCF Arena in Orlando? Paul Simon is bringing his “So Beautiful Or So What” 2011 Tour to this state of the art facility on Sunday, December 4th. Paul Simon was one of the most popular artists of the Vietnam War era and some of the songs he sang with his partner Simon Garfunkel are still popular today.  One of his most beloved tunes was named “Bridge  Over Troubled Water.”  Most of Simon and Garfunkel’s lyrics had very special meanings and/or stories attached to them.  These guys are truly a legend and Paul Simon has announced his exciting 2011 concert tour. If your parents have retired to Florida, surprise them with tickets to Paul Simon’s Orlando concert.

If you grew up in the Vietnam War Era you will surely not want to miss Paul Simon at the new UCF Arena in Orlando, Florida.  Use code SIMON and save 5% at the checkout on any Paul Simon concert ticket order of 2 or more tickets.  Simon recently appeared at some of the activities in New York City in remembrance the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in New York City.

What Simon and Garfunkel song was your most favorite???  Can you recall all the words??

Paul Simon Tickets UCF Arena

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