Oct 202011
St. Louis Cardinals

Get cheap tickets for the Cardinals World Series Game on Thursday, Oct. 20th.

World Series Tickets Thursday, Oct. 20 

The Cardinals won the first game of the World Series on Wednesday, October 19th in cool, misty weather in Saint Louis.  The score was close, 3-2 which made it a good game since blowouts are no fun in the World Series, at least in my opinion.  I far more like games where you are on the edge of your seat anxiously awaiting each moment of the game.

If you missed Game 1 of the World Series, we have great seating options for Game 2 of the World Series.  Some of the seating options we have for the second game of the World Series are Champions Club Seats, Legends/Club Party Seats, Musial Bridge Seats, Coca-Cola Rooftop Deck Seats, Home Redbird Club Seats, Homer’s Landing/LF Landing Seats, Bank of America Club Seats, MVP Deck Seats, 1st and 3rd Base Field Box Seats, Dugout Box Seats, Left Field Porch Seats, Infield Pavilion Seats, Infield Terrace Seats, Right Field Terrace Seats and Bleacher Seats.

Hurry, as seats are disappearing very quickly for this big game.  Can the Cardinals take a nice lead in the series tonight and  lead the World Series 2-0.  Go to the game in person and find out!!!  But, don’t forget to bundle up as it is late October!!   Save 5% with code WORLDSERIES at the checkout.

Cardinals World Series Tickets


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