Oct 062011

A man who earned two Grammy nominations, who is a host of best selling dance music hits and possesses an international fan base, a man who is well known as Deadmau5, is Joel Zimmerman who produces electronic music with an enviably original sound that continues to defy precise categorization.

Joel Thomas Zimmerman was born on January 5, 1981 in Niagara Falls, Ontario near Toronto. He was obsessed with computers since his childhood. He started making chip tunes only in his teens. Chips tunes are the musical compositions made using the chips from old computers. Los Angeles nu metal community was soon attracted and inspired by his chip tunes and he started contributing to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee’s album. The album was released in 1999 by the title Methods of Mayhem.

Meanwhile Zimmerman joined a low-budget dance music show on radio in Niagara Falls. The name of the show was The Party Revolution. At that job, he was responsible to operate the computer. He learnt about digital audio and new editing techniques. He immediately became skilled at every new bit of technology that was released to do with making music. His obsession let him to master at them.

At the arrival of the new millennium, he tried to convince local recording studios to use computers but no one paid attention. Luckily he succeeded to influence a small studio in Toronto to let him install new technology. So, Joel started recording numerous local bands. He also worked as a web developer and wrote music making software. He also contributed to develop an iPhone application called Touch Mix with the help of which you mix tracks on your mobiles.

He worked on other people’s music and also wrote his own material. He released This is the Hook which unexpectedly hit the charts and topped to number one on the Beatport chart in 2006. He wrote Faxing Berlin and released it under the name of Deadmau5. It was played on Radio 1 show and turned into the biggest record of 2007.

He imaged Deadmau5 into a mask with a grinning mouse head with oversized ears and wore it at a club. It stunned the audience and the place went crazy about it. He was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Remix Recording and at the occasion, he wore a crystal encrusted variant of the mouse head.

In 2009, his artist compilation album, For Lack of a Better Name went hit and a single reached at number 12. No doubt Zimmerman worked hard on his projects. In Vancouver, when Winter Olympic Games were held in 2010, during the medal presentation, he performed superbly. The next month, March 2010 saw him winning three International Dance Music Awards including Best Solo Artist and Best American DJ. The next month he earned Dance Recording of the Year Award for For Lack of a Better Name.

For his brilliant work and outstanding contribution in music, Zimmerman won Best Electro House Artist, Best Progressive House Artist and Most Influential, Relevant and Forward Thinking Person at the Beatport Music Awards. His dazzling live performance at the Electric Daisy Carnival’s Kinetic Fields section in Los Angeles was outshining and tremendous.



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