Oct 052011
San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are one of the most followed teams in NFL football.

The San Francisco 49ers are a professional football team and most media and other analytics refer to this team by the name of the Niners.  The San Francisco 49ers are a San Francisco Bay area based football team and currently play as the member of the Western Division of the National Football Conference.  The National Football Conference is one of two conferences in National Football League which was named so after the merger of two prominent leagues, American League and National League.  Unlike most other teams, the San Francisco 49ers don’t play their home games and have their headquarters at the same place. Home games are played in San Francisco, California whereby headquarters are located in Santa Clara which is nearby.

The history of the San Francisco 49ers started when the foundation was laid in 1946 as the charter member of All American Football Conference. But later on this team became the franchise of NFL. This incident happened when the AAFC merged with NFL.  The San Francisco 49ers have the honor of being the first franchise of NFL that accomplished the record of winning five Super Bowls. The team with highest record is Pittsburgh Steelers who have won Super bowls six times. Besides this honor, the San Francisco 49ers have several others honors to be proud of as well.  A long time ago, the team became the franchise of NFL, it was the first franchise not only in San Francisco but also on the whole West Coast of the United States.  Later on, in the same year, the management of Cleveland Rams also decided to relocate to Los Angeles.

The sustained success for San Francisco 49ers came in the year 1957 when after losing the first game of the season, the San Francisco 49ers won next three games in a row.  Later on in the season they returned to their home ground to Kezar Stadium.  In the stadium, their game was scheduled against Chicago Bears in the month of October.  After three straight winning games, it was being expected that San Francisco 49ers would win the scheduled game as well, however, the first half of the game fell them short by 17 – 7.  This wasn’t just the first half lost that made San Francisco 49ers worried; another sad thing that happened during the game was the death of San Francisco 49ers’ owner.  He simply collapsed of a heart attack and passed away right then and there.  With the news of the death of their coach, the 49ers wanted to win against the Bears for their deceased coach. What a comeback it was as the Bears couldn’t advance from 17 and the game ended with the score of 21- 17 with San Francisco 49ers as the victor.

It was around 1950 that the formation of the Million Dollar Backfield happened.  The team was indeed able to fill in the Backfield positions with several future hall of fame members.  The San Francisco 49ers team had such a strong offensive and defensive lineup that for most of the time in that decade they were able to maintain their winning percentage around .500. This is worth applauding as no other franchise had been able to show such a good performance.  Because of their tips and tricks along with professional training, the San Francisco 49ers were able to beat several of notable football teams easily. Success in every season became an expected thing.  Even when the season of 1970 started, San Francisco lost just one game.  They were able to reach the season finale where they played against the Oakland Raiders.  They then moved on to win their first ever divisional title.  Rainy conditions on game day were  in favor of the San Francisco 49ers who were all determined to earn their divisional title.

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