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Zarkana Tickets Radio City Music Hall

Cirque du Soleil is a type of acrobatic rock opera. This particular type of acrobatic opera belongs to the contemporary circus genre. It is wonderful blend of circus arts and surrealism.  Zarkana premiered on June 29, 2011 in New York City at the Radio City Music Hall.  Zarkana has beautifully created a world of physical virtuosity.  This circus performance is based on a magician named Zark. He has lost all his superlative magical powers along with love of his life.  A number of talented drama performers and acrobats put their combined efforts together with devotion for Zarkana to make it one of the best acrobatic rock operas.  Acrobats included in the acts are quite incomparable in their art performance.  Moreover, the theaters for Zarkana are populated by a contrasting but outstanding collection of wacky characters.  Zark runs into numerous transformations and four alarming bells with their amazing effects are determined to divert him from his pursuance.

Zarkana-Cirque du Soleil is an illustrated vortex set implanted in a slightly twisted musical plus acrobatic dream universe.  Here chaos craziness gradually has yield to joy and love regained.  The song entitled ‘Whenever’ is a quite fascinating soundtrack which was produced after inspiration from Zarkana.  Until now two of its enchanting versions have been offered by Cirque du Soleil- the company producing Zarkana.  The largest requirement of Cirque du Soleil for inclusive rehearsal of the show is a facility that has the size equivalent to Radio City Music Hall.  This is to accommodate artists and acrobats so that they can have a good rehearsal without any limitation of a small area.  Cirque unfortunately fails in finding an appropriate practice and trial place for Zarkana at the Montreal headquarters. Therefore, the company had to look around for required large enough spaces across North America.

Finally, the rehearsals for  Zarkana-Cirque du Soleil  were made at Amway Arena. This is one of the more spacious arenas of North America and it is located in Florida’s city of Orlando. Zarkana’s crew and artists stayed there for a couple of months which brought great economic boost in the city.  This is all because of Cirque du Soleil’s charisma and their stay in the city plus utilization of Amway Arena. Cirque had to pay a huge rental of about $2,500 USD for this arena on daily basis.  Zarkana is comprised of the following acts performed by a brilliant group of artists accompanied by astounding acrobats.

  • Juggling
  • Ladder trio
  • Rope duet
  • Flags
  • Russian bar
  • High wire
  • Cyr wheels and Cerceaux:
  • Sand painting
  • Flying triple trapeze:
  • Wheel of death
  • Hand balancing:
  • Banquine:

Currently, Zarkana-Cirque du Soleil is on its regular touring shows across North America as well as Europe. The first show was held in New York and premiered in June this year at Radio City Music Hall of the state. According 2011 schedule set by cirque for Zarkana live shows is ongoing and will put up to the shutters on 8th October. Afterwards, team will move on to Europe and perform in Madrid from 9th November 2011 to January 1st 2012.Cirque has already announced schedule for Zarkana appearance in Russia during 2012. Their circus crew will perform at Kremlin Palace in Moscow. This show will commence on 4th February 2012 and will run continually up to 8th April 2012.

Tickets for Zarkana-Cirque du Soleil are on sale now-a-days for ongoing shows plus all upcoming events of current year and the approaching 2012. In very short time span Zarkana has gained great deal of fame that people do not want to miss the chance of watching it live in their area. So, it’s the exact time to make you ready for enjoying exhilarating ride of Zarkana. Now, tickets for the show can easily be purchased from us via online. Zarkana Tickets at discount rates are also available with us.



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