Sep 252011

The Lion King, Broadway’s superb production which is the eighth longest running musical in its history has broke new ground in theatrical technology.  It is credited to be one of the five musical productions in theatre history to play for ten plus years on both Broadway and the West End.  Lion King has been translated into five different languages like Japanese, Dutch, Korean, French and German.

Lion King is a musical so much in demand musical that since its inaugural run, it has been seen by more than 50 million people in thirteen different countries.  The popularity of the musical has won it more than seventy major awards globally like, Tony Awards, New York Drama Critics Awards, Lawrence Olivier Awards, Grammy Awards and many more.

The Director of the musical is Julie Taymor who has been awarded a Tony for Best Direction of a Musical. She has also won 1998 Tony Award for Best Costume Design for this musical. Designer Michael Curry and Julie both strived hard to create hundreds of masks and puppets for this hit and fit show. Richard Hudson has accomplished the scenic designs and lighting is by Donald Holder. Beautiful choreography is provided by Garth Fagan. Roger Allers has adapted the book and he also co-directed the animated feature.  Lion King’s film screen play is co-written by Irene Mecchi.  All of the members of this team have become successful in running this marvelous show for a long time.

The show is unique in its nature as it casts a spell around the spectators which is broken after the end. Once the curtains are opened for the musical, music that thoroughly entertains you the is started and everyone in the audience falls silent and attentive to watch it. The set contains all the terrific scenery of a jungle with all kind of animal creations.

In rhythm with the music, the characters move in and out, dancing and changing your mood with every instance. The show is fluid and keeps captivating the audience till the end. Characters of Simba and Nala are really awesome who can sing and dance and amuse the people in their own very lovely style. Pumba and Timba are also the souls of the musical with their slapstick and acting versatility.

Often people get a misunderstanding of taking this show as a kid’s play but it is really has the depth and humor that patrons of any age can enjoy this production.  It is about growing up and the circle of life which depicts how we are all connected in a very fine theme befitting to any aged audience.

Lion King is a show which is worth every cent indeed and it has broken new ground in theatrical technology.  The staging of vast elements like rolling African Savannah and the wild beast Stampede are a very nice attempt by the producer. Music by Elton John and Tim Rice is gorgeous and the public hearts to dance with the melody.

Lion King the Musical is really superb at every aspect and it is a never missing show. The powerful story with impressing acting and music makes it worthy to see. If you have not got a chance to experience it yet, don’t think that you have missed it. Just give a click and buy cheap Lion King Show tickets and enjoy the musical. I bet you will never regret of spending your money here.



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