Sep 152011

Zac Brown Band Concert Memphis, TN – Fedex Forum 11/10/11

The Zac Brown Band will be peforming live at the Fedex Forum in Memphis, Tennessee on Thursday, November 10th.  This amazing band was formed by Zac Brown who decided after the terrorist attacks in 2001 on 9/11 that he would much rather do something he loved for a career than work at something he really wasn’t interested in.  This was a great decision as the Zac Brown Band is one of the most popular bands in 2011 and they have fans of all ages to prove this fact.

The band calls Atlanta, Georgia their home and band members play a variety of instruments including:  guitar, fiddle, keyboard, drums, mandolin and steel guitar.  All these instruments create a unique blend of country music which this group is famous for.  They continue to sell out every venue they appear at and Zac Brown has also been seen at the annual Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Although they have only been together a relatively short time, this band can be proud to brag about 7 Number one singles which include songs like:  “Free,” “Chicken Fried” and “Knee Deep.”

Some interesting facts about the founder of the group, Zac Brown, are that he was number eleven of twelve children and grew up in Cumming, Georgia.  He was raised by his mother and step-father who is a dentist.  At the young age of 7, Zac Brown learned to play the classical guitar and he peformed at many local venues.  During college Zac played with a band to earn money while attending the University of Georgia.  He quit school right after 9/11 to pursue the love of his life, music, on a full time basis.

We have cheap tickets for his concert on November 11th at the Fedex Forum in Memphis.  Use code CHEAP and save 5% at the checkout.

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