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Cavalia is coming to San Jose, Toronto, Edmonton and San Diego in late 2012.

2012-13 Cavalia Tickets

Cavalia has been more popular than anyone ever imagined and tickets for this show are almost impossible to find.  However, check out the great inventory of Cavalia tickets at the links below:

Cavalia Tickets, San Jose, CA Under The White Big Top – San Jose
Thru Sunday August 26, 2012

Cavalia – Odysseo, Toronto, Under the White Big Top
Thru Sunday, 9/2/12

Cavalia Tickets, Edmonton, Alberta Under The White Big Top – Edmonton City Centre Airport
Tuesday, 9/11 to Sunday, 9/23

Cavalia Tickets, San Diego, CA Under The White Big Top – San Diego
Tuesday, 11/13 to Sunday, 11/25

The relationship between horses and human beings is centuries old when warriors used to train them and use them as horsebacks during battles. Their physical strength, human friendly nature and faithfulness with their masters make them a best companion for human beings both in peace and in war. This is the relationship between this animal and people that Cavalia represent in their shows. Cavalia is a company but to make it simple we can call it a circus established and directed by Normand Latourelle. Normand before creating Cavalia had created Cirque du Soleil, a company known for their circus arts.

Cavalia is a tour company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and features 52 horses as their main cast; these horses are either male horses known as Stallion or castrated horses known as Gelding.  Out of 52 Stallions and Geldings, 13 horses are Lusitanos while others are Andalusian or PRE, Canadian Horses, American Quarter Horses, Paint horses, Belgians, Percherons, Arabians, and Appaloosa horses. This makes Cavalia if not purely but partially a multi-cultural horse based circus in which they are either used as a ride for human cast members for different on-stage acts or they perform typical horse acts or stand still at a dirt stage.

Since its debut in the entrainment industry Cavalia has been touring the country and undoubtedly stars of the shows are well trained and well build beautiful horses with the help of 20 human performers. Cavalia is often described as a tribute to the horses and as a celebration of their everlasting friendship with human beings. These horses at Cavalia are cared as the precious diamonds in the clown of Cavalia and company spend millions annually at their well being, food and training that enables these breeds to perform stung stunts such as trick riding, vaulting, haute école and pas de deux, unbridled displays along with other well trained human dancers and acrobats in the light music composed by Michel Cusson. However combined performances of human beings and horses and not so simple as their real life chemistry; but these horses perform acts along with artists at a 160 foot wide stage having a constantly changing background.

Cavalia based at the heart of Quebec gave this Canadian province a new image and now it’s creating its animal friendly goodwill as a “horse capital of the world.”   Cavalia is a complete family entertainment for both horse lovers and for those who fear horses for any reason. Cavalia management takes every single and small step to perfectly train these horses and according to them they don’t impose anything on this incredibly talented creature. They do keep horses in stables in but each horse can communicate with the neighbor horse through the middle window between two barracks and they try to keep them close to each other even during travelling. Their trainers are advised to be polite and respectful towards their under training batch of horses and even they are granted vocations between cities. Moreover a horse performs roughly 5 minutes a show and their lengthiest act is often not more than 16 minutes. This is all done in an attempt to make horses happy and this is exactly what we see in each Cavalia show.

Cavalia represents a true image of bond between little horses and human beings and now this human-horse encounter is in its eight year of touring. The animal show began its run Calgary at the Canada Olympic Park on March 25 and in less than a week it has sold more than 35,000 tickets and it’s the first show that extended three times even before its opening night.

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